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Alex Castle

Old Dominick Distillery
Head Distiller
Memphis, TN
Alex Castle is the Head Distiller at Old Dominick Distillery in Memphis, Tennessee. With a pedigree that includes Kentucky’s Town Branch Distillery and the world–famous Wild Turkey Distilling Co., Castle is a rising star in the distilling world. Known for both her scientific expertise and instincts for subtle flavor profiles, Castle was recruited to Memphis for the rebirth of the Old Dominick brand, and she has overseen the development of the distillery’s entire product line.

As she pursued a degree in chemical engineering, Castle interned at a brewery. Management recognized her natural talent and tapped Castle to oversee the installation of the two copper pot stills that would be the heart of the operation’s new malt whiskey distillery. Before long, she was running the daily distillation operation and the production of the distillery’s inaugural run. When she completed her chemical engineering degree, she was recruited by Campari, the country’s sixth-largest spirits company, to be the distillery supervisor for the company’s brand new Wild Turkey distillery—a 24-hour-a-day operation.

Only 24, Castle thrived in the high-pressure role at Wild Turkey. In 2015, when the heirs of Domenico Canale were making plans to bring his spirit brand back to life with an expansive new distillery in downtown Memphis, they set their sights on Castle. “She had the experience in starting up new distilleries, but what we loved was her raw talent,” says Chris Canale, Old Dominick’s President. “I can’t imagine we would have been this successful without her vision and leadership.”

Castle oversaw the design and installation of the distillery, the production of the first batch of whiskey (which is currently aging), and creation and launch of Old Dominick’s first products—Old Dominick Memphis Vodka, Old Dominick Honeybell Citrus Vodka, and the popular Old Dominick Toddy. As she monitors the aging of the whiskey, Castle is also planning the next products on Old Dominick’s horizon, combining the science and artistry that is the hallmark of her approach.